Fork Food Lab closure


I was only able to break this news yesterday on Instagram due to one of the vendors reaching out to me. I have zero details on the building’s potential for resale, whether it will be just the land or if there is an opportunity for a turnkey transition.

I have been receiving a lot of  supportive messages and inquiries. I am optimistic that the facility can be saved by its existing members or a similar concept can replace it. I did not know how else to relay information to Fork tenants of folks offering their services or advice. Please feel free to use the comments section to network!!!

  • via Insta user: @tash.gerken
    Jenn Legnini at Turtle Rock Farm has space in Brunswick after October. Oaks & Maple also in Brunswick has rental opportunities
  • Crepe Elizabeth suggested checking availability of local church kitchens.
  • has storage space for lease on Ocean Ave
  • AC Grocery on Washington Ave has part-time access to their kitchen. Jason Loring, Eighty-Eight Donuts, Bolster Snow & Co., Thainy Boda, Belleville, and Union Bagel have voiced their willingness to invest, share space/equipment, act as sounding boards, etc.
  • via Insta-user: @carreats
    The Kitchen Company will be opening in Biddeford mid-fall with shared commercial kitchen space.
  • via Insta-user: hansonbriand  a commercial kitchen is under development on Wharf Street
  • UPDATE 8/2/18: CloudPort Maine is offering a complimentary 2-month membership to displaced Fork members (
  • UPDATE 8/2/18: ask for general manager Charlie at Brian Boru regarding available kitchen space

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