Piccolo Strikes Back

Sorry for being as sluggish as a Hutt about posting this. We’ll just pretend it was deliberate as today is the 35th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back‘s release. Damian Sansonetti and Ilma Lopez once again created an elegant meal fit for a Jedi; neither clumsy nor random in its preparation. The ration kit was an awesome mix of brine and spice. I’d be pretty happy fighting on the front lines for the Alliance with that kind of chow. I had to skip the deviled egg course, but Damian was kind enough to put together roasted brussel sprouts with pickled mushrooms for me last minute. The squid dish was incredibly tender, not Chewie chewy, which can easily be a turn-off with the protein. As a caution to my egg intolerance, the squid ink aioli was not included and I did get the (bad) feeling that I was missing out on something. The Sausage a la Taun-taun was a crowd-pleaser last year and I was delighted that it made another appearance. The Vanilla Hoth Balls were so light and airy, it seemed like the treat would be just as appropriate on Cloud City. The sculpted chocolate Jawa was super playful and delicious. In fact, I was somewhat relieved my tablemates were getting full because it basically meant that I was able to enjoy it in its entirety.

While the evening is a wonderful homage to George Lucas’s films, the food could certainly stand on its own. There are a million ways you could go with cooking for something like this. As Damian has said in other interviews, he’s chosen to take the more elevated route with the cuisine. He is a life-long Star Wars fan, but also a chef who takes his craft seriously. He and Ilma are really able to take their talent and passions and fuse them seamlessly into something really special that I will continue to look forward to year after year.




“How you get so big eating food of this kind?”–Yoda


All about that base, about that base, NO REBELS!


Egg alternative: brussel sprouts & pickled mushrooms


Deviled egg with anchovy & anise yogurt


Squid over tater tots (Blue Rooster cameo?) sans ink aioli


A real-life Luke (Aberle, sous chef) cutting open the pig stomach to reveal sausages cooked within


“Jawa in the Dessert” also Hoth Snow Balls with liquid nitrogen (not pictured)


I find your lack of salt disturbing…

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