Cooking Matters presents Chopped Challenge 2015

wpid-20150426_175804.jpg wpid-20150426_175759.jpg wpid-20150426_180449.jpg wpid-20150426_181327.jpg wpid-20150426_172331.jpg wpid-20150426_172905.jpg wpid-20150426_174817.jpg wpid-20150426_175130.jpg wpid-20150426_181720.jpg wpid-20150426_185152.jpg wpid-20150426_185136.jpg wpid-20150426_182548.jpg wpid-20150426_182650.jpg wpid-20150426_172252.jpg wpid-20150426_172258.jpg wpid-20150426_172159.jpg wpid-20150426_172145.jpg wpid-20150426_193455.jpg


Justin Walker of Earth at Hidden Pond (Kennebunkport) took home the win

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