Vinland presents Mothers & Thieves pop-up dinner


Mothers & Thieves is a chef couple comprised of Ryan Quigley and Tavis Potter. I first met Ryan while he was a sous chef at Vinland and we developed a friendship via Instagram and he graciously provided some glimpses into his creative process. I had another chance to try some of his preparations in Cambridge at his current employer Puritan & Company while Tavis interns at Harvest as a pastry chef. The two of them were given free reign in David Levi’s kitchen for the evening, meaning they did not have to adhere to the restaurant’s vision of only utilizing ingredients native to Maine or its gluten-free standard (unless specifically requested).There was also a novelty to it that was kind of fun to because they were in David’s playground and totally breaking the rules. They held two seatings, a four-course and a seven-course, and being the proverbial pig that I am, I chose the latter. I apologize that I did not take more extensive notes because it was a social event as well, so I didn’t quite get to have an intensively pensive experience as when I dine alone. There were definitely more components than what the menu lists and I’m sure Ryan & Tavis mentioned some unusual techniques but my memory is simply at a loss. I really loved the presentation of all the food and it was delicious to boot (the duck course being a stand-out). Ryan and Tavis both have a few weeks left with their current employers before they head off to Central and South America on a series of stagiaire gigs. Throughout the month of May, Vinland plans to host guest chefs every Tuesday night, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media as details become available.


Dubbed “The Dexter” course






We referred to this as the Mardi Gras dish based on the aesthetics, but it truly was like a festival for the mouth.





Rooibos bubble tea with vanilla & candy cap mushroom foam


Ginger-infused tapioca pearls


Coconut milk panna cotta


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