First Bites: Sur Lie

Sur Lie is located where ROOST House of Juice once resided on Free Street. It’s been just over a week since it opened its doors and it’s amongst the newest small-plates spots in town. I arrived near the tail-end of their Happy Hour, so I actually managed to get a couple bucks shaved off the cheese, rillettes, and fried potato dishes. The cheddar and rillette plates were a little redundant with all the accompanying toast, but I realize that is the optimal way to share tapas, not as a solitary glutton like myself. The heavy layer of lardo covering the rillettes was a little bit of a textural turn-off. I suppose the intent was for it to be all mixed together, but the rillettes tasted fine without it so I don’t think it really added anything to the dish. I did have to spit into my napkin twice to dispose of bone bits hiding at the bottom of the jar, which obviously wasn’t super pleasant. Potatoes are my favorite starch, so it’s quite easy to keep me happy when you set me up with an entire bowl of them. I enjoyed the variety of textures in the ice cream, but my teeth were being annoyingly sensitive that day, so I had to let it melt a bit because the cold was too intense. I am chalking up any lowlights of my experience to the growing pains of any nascent restaurant as well as my own “fast food” mentality where I prioritized ease of preparation (or rather my perception of it) over what I was actually craving. I hadn’t even finished the second half of my sandwich at lunch and I was also on a schedule to get to a theatre production across the bridge. There were definitely other items that I was interested in trying, but I decided not to push my luck on time or stomach capacity.



Cheddar and apple tartare


Rabbit rillettes with pickled veg



Fried pee wee potatoes with aioli & nori dust


Salted chocolate ice cream with candied orange, micro mint, and macadamia nuts


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