First Bites: Eventide Oyster Co.

While I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to lose my half-shell virginity, I’m told that if I’m going to to do it, it should probably take place at Eventide. I’ve had fried oysters before and I liked them well enough, but I think the raw experience will be an entirely different beast. They probably are as amazing as all my friends have reported, but I can so easily turned off by textures that I’m already sensing some self-sabotage. I am hoping to return to the restaurant with other diners in tow, so in the event I’m too turned off by the whole ordeal, I’ll have some supportive eaters to pick up the slack.

I somehow managed to order every other protein on the menu except seafood. I know everyone raves about the lobster bun, but as soon as I saw it being delivered to customers on both sides of me, my heart sank a little bit at its diminutive size. I would eventually like to try it, but didn’t feel like tacking it onto the bill this trip. The buttermilk chicken bun and chickpea fries were probably were my favorite items. The pork dish was a little heavy-handed with the cilantro for my tastes. I had to request that the tomago (Japanese omelette) be omitted from the rice bowl and they were generous enough to include extra lamb meatballs to help make it a more complete dish. I’ve heard they make a mean pie here, but sadly their option that night was lemon meringue (damn you, evil egg whites!), so I settled for the peaches & ice cream.

My meal was solid, but not as memorable as I’d hoped. All the press buzz and word of mouth from my friends had me expecting my mind to be complete blown by the food here. There certainly was no shortage of flavor on any of the dishes, but they seemed to lack a certain level of richness to them. It just wasn’t the best first impression when I left the restaurant hungry after downing six items. I still can’t say for sure whether I was just that freakin’ famished or the portions were truly too small to satiate me. Maybe the oysters really are my true calling here? We shall find out soon enough…


Buttermilk fried chicken, slaw, pickled watermelon, ranch on a steam bun


Crispy shredded pork, avocado mousse, masa crumble, buttermilk cheese


Mini lamb meatballs over rice & lobster-eel sauce (minus tomago)


Kim chee

Chickpea fries with mustard seed & raisins

Chickpea fries with mustard seed & raisins


Peaches & cream with granola


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