Second Helping (well, technically third): East Ender

In my earlier post about dining here, I seriously wanted to try everything on the dinner menu and had a hell of a time picking courses. My decision to go to brunch last weekend instantly narrowed things down since just about everything included eggs in some form. I’m always able to find something more agreeable, it just may not rank terribly high on the indulgence scale compared to what fellow diners are enjoying. However, East Ender challenged this notion both with its generous portions and satisfying flavors.

Before my order came out, I was presented with a surprise chicken galantine from the executive chef, Austin Miller, whom I’ve had some interaction with via Instagram. As beautiful as it was, I unfortunately had to send back the initial version brought out to me as it was topped with a fried egg. My server said the chicken came from her farm, which is pretty damn cool and not something you hear everyday. My quick Google research described galantine as a preparation of de-boned meat that is poached and served cold. I believe my server said the particular stuffing used was a mix of chicken heart and liver. After a delightful experience with Petite Jacqueline’s sweetbreads, I’m less apprehensive about organ meat. It was very flavorful, not a hint of fattiness (I hate gristle, for the record), and the mustard sauce was a one-two punch to the sinuses.

I chose two ‘du jour’ items from the board, a poptart and donut.  The poptart was a savory one, which I think is a killer idea. The lamb meat could have used a touch more seasoning as it had a lot of dough (which was a perfect consistency) to compete with. The double-stacked donuts were extremely tasty, though when I cut through some parts it was a bit custard-like and not as fluffy. Any textural issues were completely overshadowed by the amazing combination of the blood orange &  blueberry topping. Really a great way to wake up the palate. My server informed me that for my gravlax course, I was given a green salad in lieu of the potato salad because that recipe called for diced egg. It always impresses me when restaurant staff can be so conscientious of diner’s needs and adapt so quickly. I had kind of hit my wall by the time this dish came out and admittedly was eating for the sake of eating toward the end, not savoring it quite as much. It was a lot of food even for my 3-4 course standards.

I know Eventide, Hugo’s, and Duckfat have a lot of pull in that neck of the woods, but quite frankly I’m surprised I don’t hear more about this place. There’s some really great stuff coming out of this kitchen. The most tragic part of all this is that after paying my bill, I was so intent on meeting Austin and his crew that I totally forgot my box of leftover donut!


Chicken galantine with pickled kohlrabi


Pop Tart of the Day: roasted lamb & turnip


Donut duo with blueberry/blood orange puree


Salmon gravlox with pimento cheese pumpernickel and substitute green salad


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