First Bites: East Ender

I had an incredibly difficult time ordering at East Ender because everything on both the dinner menu and bar menu sounded amazing. Our server kept offering to help narrow things down, but I was just too crippled by indecision to even throw her a bone for recommendations. I finally ended up ordering the special pizza of the evening, with the hope that it would not be overly hearty and I’d have room to tackle some other dishes. The toppings included pork, kimchi, a mornay (cheese sauce) with sriracha, and cheese curds. Awesome robust flavors in every bite. I wouldn’t have called the crust a traditional pizza dough, but it was still delicious…and also filled me up as I had feared.

The dessert I chose was a maple crumbcake that I found to be both dry & dense. Perhaps that’s par for the course with a crumbcake recipe, but their seasonal apple-rhubarb ice cream may have been a better way to end the meal. Should have listened to my gut! My dining companion was very satisfied with their meal of chicken wings, fried haddock, and banana walnut ice cream. They did mention that they would have preferred grilled wings as opposed to breaded, as it basically set them up to have two fried courses in a row. I look forward to making a return visit to East Ender because I honestly can’t remember the last time I struggled that much with a menu from having too many viable choices as opposed to not enough.



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