Second helping: Outliers Eatery

This is the first time I’ve written anything about Outliers, but I have in fact eaten there before. If memory serves, I had soup and a bagel with salmon (dubbed “the prettiest brunch“). Nothing super adventurous, but I chalked it up to limited egg-less options which is my problem, not theirs. Regardless, I’m totally enamored with the decor and it was nice to add another adequately-priced brunch spot to the mix. The one thing that didn’t sit well with me on that visit was when our server admitted to being hungover to a neighboring table. I’m sure plenty of people in the industry like to party hardy, but it’s just one of those things that can go unsaid because body language is usually a dead giveaway. I can absolutely appreciate banter with restaurant folk, but that just didn’t come across as a funny-haha moment to me. Anyway, onto the food…


I had my heart set on some things last week, but evidently they change the menu pretty regularly. The fried brussel sprouts disappeared since the Friday edition posted online.  The quail (a protein I’ve never had) a la plancha appetizer became a cauliflower a la plancha main course. I already had Kamasouptra for lunch, so I’m not sure what compelled me to order more puréed vegetables, but the roasted shallot and fennel flavors were a great combination and I found it more memorable than the first batch of soup I had at Outliers. I had been eyeballing one of the fish items originally, but I went against my gut and wanted to go outside my ‘safety’ dishes and ordered the pork loin. Despite being given a pretty hefty steak knife, I found that I was still exerting myself to cut it. Coating each piece with the parsnip purée and mustard demi, which didn’t work in harmony for me, wasn’t enough to compensate for the dryness and there was too much gristle on a number of bites. Admittedly, pork is not a protein I normally order at least not as a standalone, but I was on a bit of a kick after I had the buta shio koji at Miyake Diner the night before. I ate that and thought, “Wow, I’ve been eating pork loin the wrong way all these years!” Alas, I have to say that the Outliers’ preparation did not measure up. I also skipped dessert because the only choices were a meringue (egg), a tower of crepes (more egg), and a carrot cake which just wasn’t enough to turn me on.




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