Closure alert over the bridge

It appears both JP Thornton’s deli as well as the bar/grill have closed their doors for good. The tenure of the JP’s spaces at 740 Broadway seemed to be up in the air over the past year or so. They started by vacating the more spacious formal dining area. Then various Facebook posts hinted at closure, but then they would magically reopen a few days later. Or the bar/grill would be shut down while the deli remained in operation. It wasn’t until an observant neighbor mentioned seeing paperwork being carted out by the boxful that I finally felt there was no longer room for ambiguity about their future in the plaza. There seems to be quite a bit of turnover in that section of SoPo in terms of eateries. Neither Cambridge Coffee Bar nor Frosty’s Donuts seemed to be able to make their presence stick for very long. Beale Street Barbeque has been converted into Easy Day, a 10-lane bowling alley with full restaurant & bar. Will that have enough appeal to woo the loyal JP’s crowd across the street? Anyone heard any rumblings of what’s moving in? Or what would people like to see?



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